Haruomi Hosono to Release New Album and Tour the US

In May 1973, Haruomi Hosono released the album “HOSONO HOUSE.” He’ll revisit that album with his new album, “HOCHONO HOUSE”, out March 6. “HOCHONO HOUSE” will be a re-recorded and reconstructed version of “HOSONO HOUSE.” Also, the track list of “HOCHONO HOUSE” will be the opposite of “HOSONO HOUSE”, with the opening track of the 2019 album being the closing track of the 1973 one.

Furthermore, Hosono will be touring the US! He’ll play the Gramercy Theater in New York on May 29, and the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles on June 3.

Check out more information about “HOCHONO HOUSE” and the tour below!

細野晴臣「HOCHONO HOUSE」ジャケット

1. 相合傘~Broken Radio Version~ (Aiaigasa ~Broken Radio Version~)
2. 薔薇と野獣 (Bara to Yaju)
3. 恋は桃色 (Koi wa Momoiro)
4. 住所不定無職低収入 (Jusho Futei Mushoku Tei Shunyu)
5. 福は内 鬼は外 (Fuku wa Uchi Oni wa Soto)
6. パーティー (Party)
7. 冬越え (Fuyu Koe)
8. 終りの季節 (Owari no Kisetsu)
9. CHOO CHOO ガタゴト・アメリカ編 (CHOO CHOO Gatagoto・America-hen)
10. 僕は一寸・夏編 (Boku wa Chotto・Natsu-hen)
11. ろっかばいまいべいびい (Rock-a-Bye My Baby)

New York concert information

Los Angeles concert information