Haruka to Miyuki Set to Release New Mini Album

On April 22, female rock duo Haruka to Miyuki will release their new mini album “Sekai.” At the beginning of the year, the ladies started a series of monthly digital releases. January’s was titled “Sekai”, followed by “Usotsuki” in February. March’s is titled “Kimi wa Mada Shiranai.” All 3 of these songs will be on the mini album “Sekai.” The mini album will come in a regular and limited edition, with the limited edition containing a DVD of a live show from this past February. Check out the tracklist and the music videos for the previously released digital singles after the jump!

1. 世界 (Sekai)
2. tonight
3. マゼンタ (Magenta)
4. 君はまだ知らない (Kimi wa Mada Shiranai)
5. バッドエンドの続きを (Bad End no Tsuzuki wo)
6. ヨーグルト・ホリック (Yogurt Holic)
7. 嘘ツキ (Usotsuki)


<ハーモニー / Harmony #1 2015.2.6 東京キネマ倶楽部> (<Harmony / Harmony # 2015.2.6 Tokyo Cinema Club>)
01. 終バス (未発表曲) (Shubasu (Unreleased Song))
02. 嘘ツキ (Usotsuki)
03. ニュートンの林檎 (Newton no Ringo)
04. 青い夜更け (Aoi Yofuke)


January: Sekai


February: Usotsuki


March: Kimi wa Mada Shiranai