Gotch is just hanging around in his PV for “Taxi Driver”

Singer/songwriter Gotch, better known as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATIONS’s frontman Goto Masafumi, recently revealed that he would be releasing a new analog single titled “Taxi Driver” on June 21st.  The A-side will feature a number of other talented musicians, such as Yosuke Inoue (Turntable Films, Subtle Control), Ryosuke Shimomura (the chef cooks me), Hinata Hidekazu (Straightener, Nothing’s Carved In Stone), and achiko (Ropes).

In order to celebrate the single’s earlier digital release, Gotch has made the MV for “Taxi Driver” available on his label’s Youtube channel.  The video matches the track’s easy-going nature, focusing on a single shot of the titular taxi as Gotch grooves to the beat.

Read on below to find the full PV, cover, and track list for “Taxi Driver”.

-’Taxi Driver’ Track List-


  • Side A
  1. Taxi Driver
  • Side B
  1. Farewell, My Boy

(via Rockin’ On Japan)