Gesu no Kiwami Otome. unveil all of the details about their new album “Ryoseibai”

As we reported previously, popular jazz/rock band Gesu no Kiwami Otome. will be releasing their second full album “Ryoseibai” on January 13th next year.  Now the group have revealed many of the remaining details about the album, including its full track list and the contents of the DVD included with its Limited Edition.

Contrary to prior reports, “Ryoseibai” will include 17 rather than 16 tracks, among them all of their previously released singles this era, several B-sides, and a new track titled “Kemuru” which is being used as the CM song for the mobile game “Shoumetsu Toshi” (indigo la End’s new song “Kokoro Ame” has also been picked up by the brand).  The Limited Edition DVD contains footage from the band’s live performance at Yokohama Arena this past October as well as an Off Shot video of the album’s recording process; further video content will be announced closer to the album’s release date.

You’ll find both an additional promo image and the complete track list for “Ryoseibai” just below the cut, so please do read on just a bit further.


-’Ryoseibai′ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Ryoseibai de Ii Janai
  2. Tsuzukezama no Ryoseibai
  3. Romance ga Ariamaru
  4. Serial Singer
  5. Tsutomeru Real
  6. Saidentity
  7. Otonatic
  8. id 1
  9. Kokoro Kabuku
  10. Selma
  11. Muku
  12. Muku na Kisetsu
  13. Parallel Spec. (funky ver.)
  14. Ikenai Dance
  15. Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no
  16. Mr. Gesu X
  17. Kemuru
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Opening~Muku na Kisetsu (Live from Yokohama Arena 2015.10.14)
  2. Romance ga Ariamaru (Live from Yokohama Arena 2015.10.14)
  3. Otonatic (Live from Yokohama Arena 2015.10.14)
  4. momoe (Live from Yokohama Arena 2015.10.14)
  5. Dakedo Boku wa (Live from Yokohama Arena 2015.10.14)
  6. “Ryoseibai” Recording Off Shot Movie
  7. TBA

(via Rockin’On Japan & natalie)