G.RINA Releases Video for Collaboration with tofubeats

On October 21, G.RINA will release her new album, “Lotta Love.” This is her first album since 2010’s “MASHED PIECES #2.” “Lotta Love” sees G.RINA collaborating with the likes of tofubeats, Yakenohara, PUNPEE, LUVRAW, and KASHIF.

Today, G.RINA released the music video for “Ai no Maboroshi.” The song features tofubeats. It is an answer song to her previous collaboration him, “No.1“, from his 2013 indie album “lost decade.” Check it out after the jump, along with more information on the album!

1. ミッドナイトサン (Midnight Sun)
2. 音に抱かれて (Oto ni Dakarete)
3. Kamakura
4. 黄昏のメモリーレーン feat. やけのはら (Tasogare no Memory Lane feat. Yakenohara)
5. Virtual Intimacy
6. いま何時 (Ima Nanji)
7. Back In Love (Music) feat. PUNPEE
8. Sweet Juicy Luv feat. LUVRAW
9. 空蝉 (Utsusemi) ~Twilight Long Walk~
10. 愛のまぼろし (Ai no Maboroshi) feat. tofubeats
11. Life


Ai no Maboroshi feat. tofubeats


Album medley music video


Album digest


Talk with tofubeats and KASHIF