Former AKB48 Member Ramu Fukuno Goes R&B as Ram

On June 22, former AKB48 (and DiVA) member Ramu Fukuno will officially redebut as Ram, a R&B artist, with the EP “Ram.” It is being released by HOOD SOUND Inc., in conjunction with Victor Entertainment. All 7 tracks were produced by DJ PMX. “Ram.” features collaborations with the likes of AK-69, KOWICHI, and Cherry Brown. Check out more information on “Ram.” below!

1. Intro
2. Girls Party feat.Kayzabro(DS455),DJ DEEQUITE
3. Let’s Move On feat.KOWICHI
4. Break Upして (Break Up Shite) feat.AYA a.k.a. PANDA
5. Pain Pain Go Away feat.HOKT(N.C.B.B)
6. Love Sign feat.Cherry Brown,MC TYSON
7. It’s Alright feat.AK-69,YOUNG DAIS(N.C.B.B),DJ☆GO,Ram


“Ram.” trailer


“Let’s Move On” trailer


“It’s Alright” PV