EXILE to release new single “24karats GOLD SOUL”

EXILE’s 2nd single in 2015 will be “24karats GOLD SOUL”, scheduled to be released on August 19.

This is the 4th song in the 24karats series and also the first 24karats song performed by EXILE independently. The previous songs of the 24karats series were jointly produced with guest rappers and singers. But this time, the 24karats song will be created by EXILE independently. The theme of this song is to run to the new world of 24karats, which can be taken as EXILE’s soul.

The second song will include ATSUSHI’s song “UPSIDE DOWN”, a tribute song for member Matsumoto Toshio, USA and MAKIDAI who have announced that they will stop carrying out activities as performers. The track is going to incorporate funk and black music, which are well known throughout the 1980s to 1990s. Matsumoto Toshio, USA and MAKIDAI will also be appearing in the music video together with ATSUSHI.

EXILE has performed “24karats GOLD SOUL” for the first time in Ongaku no-Hi last June 27. Check out the performance/ song preview, and single details below.

[Scheduled track details]

  • 24karats GOLD SOUL

*3 songs in 6 versions are scheduled to be recorded, including 1 undisclosed song and the instrumental versions of each song.

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  1. 24karats GOLD SOUL

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