Enjoy a Summer Date in Shiggy Jr.’s “Koishitara Baby” PV

For the last two years, the arrival of summer was followed by a new sweet jam from city pop outfits, Shiggy Jr. This year around though, they are a little bit early as just a few days ago the PV for Koishitara Baby drops, straight from their upcoming EP with the same title—out on May 25.  As always, the band delivers a feel-good, happy track that is just perfect for city driving in the summer. Read on below to catch the PV and the tracklist for Koishitara Baby EP!


Koishitara Baby EP (CD)

Shiggy CD


  1. Koishitara Baby
  2. Still Love You
  3. key of life
  4. TOWN

Koishitara Baby EP (CD+DVD) (TYPE A)

Shiggy CDDVD A


  • LIVE @ AKASAKA BLITZ: Saturday night to Sunday morning / oh yeah!! / LISTEN TO THE MUSIC / baby I love you / Summertime Love / GHOST PARTY

Koishitara Baby EP (CD+DVD) (TYPE B)

Shiggy CDDVD B


  • Koishitara Baby Music Video
  • Making of Koishitara Baby

Music Video