Daichi Miura Releases Colorful Choreography Video for “FEVER”

In September, Daichi Miura released his new album, “FEVER.” Today, he released a choreography video for its title track. The video features Daichi and a team of dancers dancing in front of a rainbow-colored wall. The choreography in the clip was created by s**t kingz member NOPPO.

The video will be included on Daichi’s upcoming DVD / Blu-ray release “Choreo Chronicle 2012-2015 Plus.” Set for a December 16 release, the DVD / Blu-ray will contain various music and choreography videos Daichi has released over the years. The release will also contain a choreography video for another track from Daichi’s recent album, “MAKE US DO.”

Check out the cover and tracklist for “Choreo Chronicle 2012-2015 Plus” after the jump, along with the choreography video for “FEVER!”

1. Two Hearts -Music Video-
2. Right Now -Music Video-
3. GO FOR IT -Music Video-
4. I’m On Fire -Music Video-
5. Anchor -Music Video-
6. ふれあうだけで ~Always with you~ (Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~) -Music Video-
7. IT’S THE RIGHT TIME -Choreo Video-
8. Unlock -Music Video-
9. music -Music Video-
10. SING OUT LOUD -Music Video-
11. GO FOR IT -Choreo Video-
12. Twinkle Shiny Star -Choreo Video-
13. Listen To My Heartbeat -Music Video-
14. Can You See Our Flag Wavin’ In The Sky? -Music Video-
15. Good Sign -Choreo Video-
16. Bring It Down -Choreo Video-
17. Unlock -Choreo Video-
18. Unlock -Choreo Video with Koharu Sugawara-
19. music -Bird’s-Eye View Ver.-
20. I Remember -Choreo Video-

21. FEVER -Choreo Video-
22. MAKE US DO -Choreo Video-