CRYSTAL Releases Modern, Retro-Futurist Album “Reflection Overdrive”

On May 7, CRYSTAL will release their second album, “Reflection Overdrive.” This album comes on the heels of last year’s “Ecco Funk EP”, which was inspired by the 1992 Sega video game “Ecco the Dolphin.”

On their new album, CRYSTAL returns to their roots by taking a retro-futurist approach to synths, but with a bold, modern twist. Inspirations that can be heard on the album include Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kome Kome CLUB, WINK, and Ippu-do.

Check out more information on CRYSTAL’s new album below!

1. Disco na Koi
2. Phantom Gizmo
3. Taxi Hard feat. Vincent Ruiz
4. Northern Taurids
5. Ecco Funk (Album Version)
6. Solidary Sonar
7. TV Fuzz feat. Julián Mayorga
8. Kimi wa Monster feat. Matias Aguayo (Album Version)
9. The Golden Disc
10. Refraction Overdrive
11. Slow Universe

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