Check out the PVs and details for DAOKO’s first single “ShibuyaK / Samishii Kamisama”

It has been announced that DAOKO will release her first single “ShibuyaK / Samishii Kamisama” on October 21. It will be released in three different editions.

“Samishii Kamisama” and “Yume Miteta no Atashi” have been featured in the animated short film “GIRL” which is part of “Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition” by Studio Khara and Dwango. The short film serves as the music video for the two songs.

DAOKO has previously collaborated with TeddyLoid on “ME! ME! ME!”, a three-part song and short film for the same project.

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CD (All Editions)

  1. Samishii Kamisama
  2. Yume Miteta no Atashi
  3. ShibuyaK

DVD (Limited Edition A: Samishii Kamisama / ShibuyaK)

  1. short film “GIRL” (from Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition)

DVD (Limited Edition B: ShibuyaK / Samishii Kamisama)

  1. ShibuyaK (Music Video)
  2. Boku (from 8/17 DAOKO THE LIVE!)
  3. Kimi (from 8/17 DAOKO THE LIVE!)
  4. ShibuyaK (from 8/17 DAOKO THE LIVE)


Regular Edition: ShibuyaK / Samishii Kamisama (CD-Only)

Limited Edition A: Samishii Kamisama / ShibuyaK (CD+DVD A)

Limited Edition B: ShibuyaK / Samishii Kamisama (CD+DVD B)

Limited Edition A comes with a “GIRL” special packaging while Limited Edition B comes with a “DAOKO” special packaging and a “ShibuyaBook”.

ShibuyaK PV

short film “GIRL” (Samishii Kamisama / Yume Miteta no Atashi)

Can be watched here