to Release New Mini Album “Aidoro C”

On March 2, will released their new mini album, “Aidoro C.” This release comes nearly 8 months after their major label debut, the mini album “OLest.” “Aidoro C” will come in 2 editions: a CD only Regular Edition and a CD only Tower Records Limited Edition that comes with a bonus track. has been performing some of the songs on their new mini album at recent shows.

Check out the cover and tracklist for “Aidoro C” after the jump!

Regular Edition


Tower Records Limited Edition

1. サプリミナル・ダイエット (Sapuriminal Diet)
2. 骨抜きに恋して (Honenuki ni Koishite)
3. 腰掛けラップ (Koshikake Rap)
4. PH4
5. GODcustomer
6. 等身大グレー (Toshindai Gray)
7. ベルサッサ (Bell Sassa)
8. 自撮ーる (Jidoll)
9. 豚 (Buta) (Tower Records Limited Edition bonus track)