Release PV for “Otsubone Rock”

In April, signed with major label Warner Music Japan. The duo is now ready to release their debut on the label. On July 8, will release their new mini album, “OLest.” The title is a combination of “OL” for “office lady” (jobs the duo still holds) and “best.” “OLest” will include their April digital single “Kongara Girl.” Today, the ladies released the music video for the mini album’s 2nd track, “Otsubone Rock.” The song feature’s the duo’s signature blend of hip hop and electronic music. The music video features them in an office setting and engaging with some black suit and helmet-clad men. Check it out after the jump along with the mini album’s cover and tracklist!

1. やれよ。 (Yareyo.)
2. お局ロック (Otsubone Rock)
3. マメマメBOYがさつGIRL (Mamemame BOY Gasatsu GIRL)
4. アラサードリーミン (Arasa Dreamin)
5. ダリぃだらりん (Dari Dararin)
6. こんがらガール (Kongara Girl)
7. 超絶に胸が痛んでいるあなたの上司 (Chozetsu ni Mune ga Itandeiru Anata no Joshi)
8. 黄昏各位 (Tasogare Kakui)