Chara Ventures to a Sparkly Pink World in “A・O・U” MV

On November 1, Chara will release her new single, “A・O・U.” The song was produced by mabanua. The lyrics to the groovy song were inspired by news Chara read about how the flowers of plant that had been under the permafrost for 30,000 years has now bloomed.

The single’s B-side, “Omokage”, was produced by Ohashi Trio.

Chara’s new single comes in a CD+Blu-ray limited edition and a CD only regular edition. The blu-ray that comes with the limited edition features footage from Chara’s “Chara’s Time Machine:30th Anniversary Live” concert which was held at Tokyo’s LINE CUBE SHIBUYA on September 20, 2021.

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  1. A・O・U
  2. 面影 (Omokage)
  3. A・O・U (Instrumental)
  4. 面影 (Omokage) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition Blu-ray
Chara’s Time Machine:30th Anniversary Live
・せつないもの (Setsunai Mono)
・初恋 (Hatsukoi)
・才能の杖 (Sainou no Jyou)
・Tiny Dancer
・悲しみと美 (Kanashimi to Bi)
・タイムマシーン (Time Machine)
・ミルク (Milk)
・大切をきずくもの (Taisetsu wo Kizukumono)
・恋をした (Koi wo Shita)
・しましまのバンビ (Shimashima no Bambi)
・70%-Yuugure no Uta
・Swallowtail Butterfly ~あいのうた~ (Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~)
・Time After Time
・月と甘い涙 (Tsuki to Amai Namida)
・スカート (Skirt)
・世界 (JEWEL ver.) (Sekai (JEWEL ver.))
・Break These Chain
・あたしなんで抱きしめたいんだろう? (Atashi Nande Dakishimetai n’ Darou?)
・やさしい気持ち (Yasashii Kimochi)
・Happy Toy