Chara Reveal Details on New Album

On March 4, Chara will release her new album “Secret Garden.” The “secret garden” here is a reference to a woman’s uterus. The secret garden / uterus motif carries over into the album’s cover art as well. It depicts Chara as a statue in a flower garden. Chara says that when she’s in love, she creates beautiful songs. Chara is currently dating Yoshiki Ryousuke , the drummer for THE NOVEMBERS.

Chara is collaborating with several people on this album including THE NOVEMBERS, Curly Giraffe, mabanua, agraph, and in-sist. Check out the cover and tracklist for this album after the jump as well as the music videos for the previously released songs!

Chara「Secret Garden」ジャケット



1. スーパーセンチメンタル (Super Sentimental)

2. 恋は目を閉じて (Koi wa Me wo Tojite)

3. ひかりの匂い (Hikari no Nioi)

4. Secret Garden

5. hug

6. はちみつ (Hachimitsu)

7. 恋は危険さ (Koi wa Abunasa)

8. ラッキーガール (Lucky Girl)

9. 不器用 (Bukiyou)

10. 愛が素敵なものに惹かれていくだけだよ (Ai ga Suteki na mono ni Hikarete Iku dake da yo)

11. せつなくてごめんね (Setsunakute Gomen ne)

12. 恋文 (Koibumi) (Bonus Track)

13. Rainbow (Bonus Track)


Limited Edition DVD

1. hug (Music Video)

2. 恋文 (Koibumi) (Music Video)

3. せつなくてごめんね (Setsunakute Gomen ne) (Music Video)

4. Heaven (from チャラモバ (Charamoba) Limited Chara Debut 23rd Anniversary Live (2014/09/21))




Setsunakute Gomen ne