cero to Simultaneously Release New Single and DVD / Blu-ray

On December 7, cero will release their new single, “Machi no Shirase.” This will be the band’s first single since their album May 2015 “Obscure Ride.” In fact, “Machi no Shirase” originally appeared on a Tower Records bonus CD that was released with “Obscure Ride.” The new version of “Machi no Shirase” was re-recorded in New York City. Today, cero released the music video for “Machi no Shirase.” The clip is a mixture of Tokyo footage shot by the video’s director, VIDEOTAPEMUSIC, along with footage that the members of cero shot while on tour.

Also on December 7, cero will release their new concert DVD / Blu-ray, “Outdoors.” The disc contains footage from a concert that cero held on May 21 of this year at Tokyo’s Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall. The band recently released a trailer for this release.

Check out more information on cero’s new releases below!

Machi no Shirase

1. 街の報せ (Machi no Shirase)
2. ロープウェー (Ropeway)
3. よきせぬ (Yokisenu)










1. (I found it )Back Beard
2. 21世紀の日照りの都に雨が降る (Nijuuisseiki no Hideri no Miyako ni Ame ga Furu)
3. マウンテン・マウンテン (Mountain Mountain)
4. 大洪水時代 (Dai Kozui Jidai)
5. 船上パーティー (Senjo Party)
6. good life
7. スマイル  (Smile)
8. さん! (San!)
9. Summer Soul
10. Yellow Magus (Obscure)
11. Orphans
12. ticktack
13. ロープウェー (Ropeway)
14. outdoors
15. Elephant Ghost
16. わたしのすがた (Watashi no Sugata)
17. ターミナル (Terminal)
18. 夜去 (Yousari)
19. Narcolepsy Driver
20. Wayang Park Banquet
21. 大停電の夜に (Dai Teiden no Yoru ni)

1. Contemporary Tokyo Cruise
2. 街の報せ (Machi no Shirase)




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