cero Releases Details on New Album

On May 27, cero will release their 3rd album, “Obscure Ride.” This will be the band’s first album since 2012’s “My Lost City.” “Obscure Ride” will include the singles “Orphans” and “Yousari”, as well as a reworked version of the single “Yellow Magus.” The album will come in 2 editions: a CD only edition and a CD+DVD edition. The DVD in the CD+DVD version will include footage from their 2 night “Wayang Paradise” shows in Tokyo from last December.

The “wayang” theme is continued in the cover art for “Obscure Ride.” “Wayang” is a type of Indonesian theater where puppets called wayangs are used to created large shadows. These shadows can be seen on the “Obscure Ride” cover.

cero has released a short film ahead of the album’s release. In the clip, the band can be seen at the “Wayang Paradise” shows as well as making their new album. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s cover and tracklist.

1. C.E.R.O
2. Yellow Magus (Obscure)
3. Elephant Ghost
4. Summer Soul
5. Rewind Interlude
6. ticktack
7. Orphans
8. Roji
10. 夜去 (Yousari)
11. Wayang Park Banquet
12. Narcolepsy Driver

Limited Edition DVD “Wayang Paradise”
1. ワールドレコード (World Record)
2. わたしのすがた (Watashi no Sugata)
3. exotic penguin night
4. マイ・ロスト・シティー (May Lost City)
5. Contemporary Tokyo Cruise
6. roof
7. Bird Call
8. outdoors
9. cloudnine
10. マクベス (Macbeth)
11. (I Found it) Back Beard
12. あとがきにかえて (Atogaki ni Kaete)


Album trailer:




Yellow Magus: