BUMP OF CHICKEN to release their Nissan Stadium concert as a Live DVD/Blu-ray

Earlier this year pop-rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN held their first stadium tour in support of the release of their new album “Butterflies”.  This series of shows enticed more than 300,000 concertgoers to come and see the group live, the set list a mixture of old classics like the ever-popular “Tentai Kansoku” and newer tracks like Kekkai Sensen theme song “Hello, world!”.

Now the band have announced that they will be releasing the footage from their shows at Nissan Stadium in July on a new Live DVD / Blu-ray on December 21st.  This release will come packaged in four different versions, with the limited variants of both format including a special sticker sheet, a 64-page photo book, a Live CD which contains a selection of songs from the shows, the tour’s opening cinematic, three special music videos, and over 30 minutes of interview and and other behind the scenes footage featuring the band, all of which will be packaged in a specially designed box.

Read on below for a look at the cover and track list for BUMP OF CHICKEN’s latest live release.



  • DVD / Blu-ray (Regular Edition Content)
  1. Hello, world!
  2. Parade
  3. K
  4. Karma
  5. Fighter
  6. Houseki ni Natta Hi
  7. aria
  8. Ryuuseigun
  9. Dai Gaman Taikai
  10. Kodoku no Gasshou
  11. Dandelion
  12. GO
  13. Sharin no Uta
  14. supernova
  15. ray
  16. Niji wo Matsu Hito
  17. Butterfly -Special Arrangement-
  18. Tentai Kansoku (Encore)
  • DVD / Blu-ray (Limited Edition Content)
  1. “BFLY” Special Interview & Tour Reflections
  2. Opening Countdown Concept Movie
  3. “GO” Stage Background Movie
  4. “Houseki ni Natta Hi” Music Video “BFLY” Special Edition
  5. “Butterfly” 360° Stage Movie
  • CD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Hello, world!
  2. Parade
  3. Fighter
  4. Houseki ni Natta Hi
  5. aria
  6. Ryuuseigun
  7. Kodoku no Gasshou
  8. GO
  9. supernova
  10. Butterfly -Special Arrangement-

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