Makita Mashiro to Release 2nd Single in July

On July 4th Makita Mashiro will release her second double A-side single “Toki wo Tsumugu / Kigeki Yakusha“, following up her debut “Tokyo Colorful” from last December.

Makita Mashiro is a newcomer to the Japanese “urban jazz” scene (her own description), fitting very nicely alongside the likes of Maron Hamada. In fact, she works with John Kurosaki, who is the writer of quite a lot of Hamada’s tracks. The contagious energy and snappy, catchy tunes are hard to resist and this single will no doubt put her on the map in the cabaret scene.

You can watch “Toki no Tsumugu”‘s music video below, and as a bonus to newcomers, we have also attached a link to her previous MV for “Tokyo Colorful” too. Keep reading to see single cover and details.

Toki wo Tsumugu/Kigeki Yakusha cover:

Toki wo Tsumugu MV

Tokyo Colorful MV