BIM Enlists G.RINA, STUTS, Takagi Shohei, and More for His New Album

On August 28, BIM will release his second album, “Boston Bag.” The album includes features by the likes of cero‘s Takagi Shohei and kZm, and production by names such as G.RINA and STUTS.

BIM recently released two music videos in support of “Boston Bag.” The first is for the album’s closing track, “Non Fiction.” The song features and was produced by No Buses. The second one is for the song “One Love”, which features kZm and was produced by G.RINA. Check out both videos below, along with more information on BIM’s new album!

BIM「Boston Bag」配信ジャケット
  1. Get Gas (Hey You Guys) [Prod. by ラスカル (Rascal)]
  2. Veranda [Prod. by STUTS]
  3. 三日坊主 (Mikkabozu) [Prod. by ラスカル (Rascal)]
  4. One Love feat. kZm [Prod. by G.RINA]
  5. Jealous feat. KEIJU [Prod. by ラスカル (Rascal)]
  6. Cushion [Prod. by アストロノート (Astronaut)]
  7. 想定内 (Soteinai) [Prod. by STUTS]
  8. Tokyo Motion feat. 高城晶平 (Tokyo Motion feat. Takagi Shohei) [Prod. by STUTS]
  9. Good Days feat. Cwondo [Prod. by Cwondo]
  10. Time Limit [Prod. by 熊井吾郎 (Kumai Goro)]
  11. Non Fiction feat. No Buses [Prod. by No Buses]