back number to release their first New Album in 3+ Years this March

Though they’ve yet to release their upcoming single “HAPPY BIRTHDAY“, pop-rock band back number have announced that they will be releasing a new studio album on March 27th. Titled “MAGIC”, this will be the trio’s sixth original album together and their first since 2015’s “Chandelier”.

“MAGIC” will include the group’s previously released singles “Mabataki”, “Dai Fuseikai”, “Old Fashion”, and the aforementioned “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, as well as a number of new songs which will be revealed at a later date. The record will be released in five different versions, with the Limited Edition A to come with a DVD/Blu-ray containing footage from the group’s 2018 Tokyo Dome live, making-of content, and a live photo album, while the Limited Edition B will include a Music Video/Making-Of Collection (likewise on DVD or Blu-ray) and a 100-page photo-book featuring pictures taken in London.

Read on below to find not only the cover and partial track list for “MAGIC”, but also the Short PV for “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

-’MAGIC’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Mabataki
  2. Dai Fuseikai
  3. Old Fashion
  5. And More!
  • DVD/Blu-ray 1 (Limited Edition A Only)
  1. Mabataki -Live-
  2. SISTER -Live-
  3. ARTIST -Live-
  4. Aoi Haru -Live-
  5. Check no One Piece -Live-
  6. Ending -Live-
  7. Happy End -Live-
  8. Yume Nano de Areba -Live-
  9. Han Toumei Ningen -Live-
  10. Kaigan Doori -Live-
  11. Nishifuji Kouen -Live-
  12. Kasanari -Live-
  13. Christmas Song -Live-
  14. Heroine -Live-
  15. stay with me -Live-
  16. Dai Fuseikai -Live-
  17. MOTTO -Live-
  18. Super Star ni Nattara -Live-
  19. Neanderthal Jin -Live- (Encore)
  20. Sasaeru Hito no Uta -Live- (Encore)
  21. Takane no Hanako-san -Live- (Encore)
  • DVD/Blu-ray 2 (Limited Edition B Only)
  1. ARTIST -Music Video-
  2. Mabataki -Music Video-
  3. Dai Fuseikai -Music Video-
  4. Old Fashion -Music Video-
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY -Music Video-

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