Ayumi Hamasaki to Release 15th Anniversary Edition of “A BEST”

On  March 28, 2001, Ayumi Hamasaki released her first best album, “A BEST.” The album included many of Ayu’s early hits and went on to sell 5 million copies. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the album’s release, she will be re-releasing the album on March 28. The album will be remastered by Stephen Marcussen, owner of Marcussen Mastering, in Los Angeles, California. He has previously worked with the likes of The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

“A BEST -15th Anniversary Edition-” will come in 2 editions, a CD+Blu-ray+DVD+Book+T-shirt Limited Edition and CD only Regular Edition. The Limited Edition will come in a special box. Both video discs will contain the same music video content. The book will contain Ayu’s handwritten lyrics, liner notes from people who worked on the album, and behind the scenes photos of the “Tears” photoshoot that was part of the original “A BEST” campaign. The Limited Edition will also include 1 of 7 randomly selected t-shirts, each with a different design.

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浜崎あゆみ「A BEST -15th Anniversary Edition-」ジャケット

1. A Song for ××
2. Trust
3. Depend on you
4. LOVE ~Destiny~
5. TO BE
6. Boys & Girls
7. Trauma
8. End roll
9. appears
10. Fly high
11. vogue
12. Far away
15. M
16. Who…

Blu-ray / DVD
1. Trust
2. Depend on you
3. LOVE ~Destiny~
4. TO BE
5. Boys & Girls
6. appears
7. Fly high
8. vogue ~ Far away ~ SEASONS
10. M