ASKA to release new studio album “Too many people” in February

Singer/songwriter ASKA, best known as half of popular duo CHAGE and ASKA, has announced that he will be releasing a brand new album on February 22nd.  “Too many people” will be ASKA’s eighth studio album and his first since 2012’s “SCRAMBLE”; the record is currently planned to include 13 songs, though its track list has not yet been finalized.

That said, in order to provide an idea of just what this new release will sound like, ASKA has already uploaded the audio for two of the tracks which will definitely appear to his Youtube channel.  These songs are “FUKUOKA”, which was written about his hometown, and “X1” (“Cross One”), an emotional mid-tempo track.

Read on below to find the audio for both of these tracks, as well as the cover and current track list for “Too many people”.

-’Too many people’ Track List-


  2. Be Free
  3. Rehearsal
  4. Tokyo
  5. X1
  6. Sore de Iin da Ima wa
  7. Too many people
  8. To, Iu Hanashisa
  9. Genki ka Jibun
  10. Toori Ame
  11. Shinjiru Koto ga Rakusa
  12. Mirai no Kunshou
  13. Shabon

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