Arukara to Release New Album “Chigirero”

On October 21, Arukara will release their 8th studio album, “Chigirero.” This album comes a little more than a year after their album “CAO.” “Chigirero” will come in 2 editions: a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD only Regular Edition. The Limited Edition’s DVD will include footage from Neko Fes 2015, which took place this past June.

Arukara recently released the music video for the third track on “Chigirero”, “Suiyoubi no Mannequin wa Warau.” Check it out after the jump, along with more information on their new album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. 消えたピエロと涙 (Kieta Pierrot to Namida)
2. やるかやるかやるかだ (Yaruka Yaruka Yaruka da)
3. 水曜日のマネキンは笑う (Suiyoubi no Mannequin wa Warau)
4. トロピカルおばあちゃん~ばーばばばぁ~ (Tropical Obaachan ~Bababaa~)
5. 迷宮レストラン (Meikyuu Restaurant)
6. さよならハッタリくん (Sayonara Hattarikun)
7. サイケデリンジャー2 (Psyche-Deringer 2)
8. オーケストラは眠る (Orchestra wa Nemuru)

1. ネコフェス2015 (Neko Fes 2015) -KUDAKENEKO ROCK FESTIVAL 2015-
2. What’s ネコフェス2015 (Neko Fes 2015)


Suiyoubi no Mannequin wa Warau


Album trailer