Arashi brings “ninja style” for new single “Tsunagu”

Arashi is heating up summer with their newest single “Tsunagu”. Theme song for the movie “Shinobi no Kuni” starring Ohno Satoshi, the high energy song features prominent electric guitars and shamisen, perfectly melding the two styles of past and present. Ohno is also responsible for the choreography of the song. The dance can be seen in the PV previews just released. You can check out the radio preview of the song here.

Additionally, the regular edition includes “Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke~”, CM song for the JAL “Early Bird Campaign 2017” It’s a shout-out song that inspires all to come out into the summer sky.

Look forward to the full music video! “Tsunagu” will be released on June 28.


tsunagu le

[First-run limited edition]
★16-page lyrics booklet enclosed

M1. Tsunagu
Lyrics: paddy/Music: Peter Nord, Kevin Borg/Arrangement: Peter Nord, 佐々木博史

M2. Oki ni mesu mama
Lyrics: WINESS/Music: Justin Reinstein, Saw Arrow/Arrangement: Justin Reinstein

M3. Oki ni mesu mama (original karaoke track)

“Tsunagu” (music video + making-of)

tsunagu re

[Regular edition]

M1. Tsunagu
M2. Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke
Lyrics: RUCCA/Music: Simon Janlöv, Funk Uchino/Arrangement: 藤間仁

M3. Dakishimetai
Lyrics: IROCO-STAR/Music: Simon Janlöv, Mr.Mustard/Arrangement: 前口渉

M4. Under the radar
Lyrics: 市川喜康/Music: Kevin Charge, Erik Lidbom/Arrangement: Kevin Charge

M5. Tsunagu (original karaoke track)
M6. Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke(original karaoke track)
M7. Dakishimetai (original karaoke track)
M8. Under the radar (original karaoke track)

(via J-net)