Akina Nakamori Releases Details on New Cover Album and Single

80s icon Akina Nakamori has 2 releases coming in the month of January: a cover album and a single. The cover album is titled “Utahime 4 -My Eggs Benedict-” and is set for release on January 28. It is her first album in the “Utahime” cover album series since 2003’s “Utahime 3 ~Shuumaku.” The album will see her covering hits by the likes of Koda Kumi, Mika Nakashima, EXILE, and DREAMS COME TRUE. A week earlier, on January 21, Akina will release her first single since 2009’s “DIVA.” The single is titled “Rojo -Tierra-.” She performed it on Kohaku Uta Gassen this past New Year’s Eve and released it digitally a few days later. Check out the covers and tracklists for both releases as well as that aforementioned Kohaku performance after the jump!

中森明菜「歌姫4 -My Eggs Benedict-」ジャケット


1. スタンダード・ナンバー (Standard Number) (Minami Yoshitaka)
2. 真夜中のドア ~stay with me (Mayonaka no Door ~stay with me) (Matsubara Miki)
3. Lovers Again (EXILE)
4. 長い間 (Nagai Aida) (Kiroro)
5. ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki) (Hitoto Yo)
6. 愛のうた (Ai no Uta) (Koda Kumi)
7. fragile (Every Little Thing)
8. 接吻 (Seppun) (ORIGINAL LOVE)
9. そして僕は途方に暮れる (Soshite Boku wa Tohou ni Kureru) (Osawa Yoshiyuki)
10. やさしいキスをして (Yasashii Kiss wo Shite) (DREAMS COME TRUE)
11. 雪の華 (Yuki no Hana) (Mika Nakashima)


Limited Edition DVD

1.  “Utahime 4” Making Video




中森明菜「Rojo -Tierra-」ジャケット


1. Rojo -Tierra-
2. La Vida
3. Rojo -Tierra- (Instrumental)
4. La Vida (Instrumental)


Limited Editon DVD

1. “Rojo -Tierra-” Making Video