Akiko Yano and Agatsuma Hiromitsu Form Duo and Release Album

Akiko Yano and Agatsuma Hiromitsu have formed a new unit, Yano to Agatsuma. The two met in New York City in 2013 when Yano went to see Agatsuma perform. Their friendship has developed since then, with the two working together often.

On March 4, Yano to Agatsuma will release their debut album, “Asteroid and Butterfly.” The album features Yano’s piano, Agatsuma’s shamisen, and vocals by both. “Asteroid and Butterfly” is a mixture of old and new, with folk songs now having an electronic arrangement.

More information on the album and its accompanying music videos can be found below!

やのとあがつま「Asteroid and Butterfly」ジャケット
  1. こきりこ節 (Kokiriko Bushi)
  2. おてもやん (Otemoyan)
  3. 会いにゆく (Ainiyuku)
  4. 弥三郎節 (Yasaburo Bushi)
  5. あいや節 (Aiya Bushi)
  6. いけるかも (Ikerukamo)
  7. 淡海節 (引き潮から満ち潮へ) (Tankai Bushi (Hikishio kara Michishio e))
  8. 斎太郎節 (Saitaro Bushi)
  9. ふなまち唄 PART III (Funamachi Uta PART III)