Akai Koen to Release New Single “Koi to Uso”

Akai Koen announced a few months ago that they will release new singles in February, April, and June of this year. “Yamiyo ni Chochin” was February’s single, and this month’s single is titled “Koi to Uso.” It’s set for release on the 19th.

“Koi to Uso” is a bittersweet love song that deals with a girl’s painful love affair. It also serves as the April ending theme for the TBS information variety show “Osama no Brunch.”

The single’s B-side, “Super Happy Song”, is the opening theme for the BS Japan drama “Wakakozake Season3”

Find out more on Akai Koen’s new single below!

1. 恋と嘘 (Koi to Uso)
2. スーパーハッピーソング (Super Happy Song)

Limited Edition DVD
2016年6月16日「赤い公園マンマンツアー2016~咲き乱れNight?~」 (6/16/16 “Akai Koen One Man Tour 2016 ~Sakimidare Night?~”)
1. Canvas
2. ショートホープ (Short Hope)
3. ハンバーグ (Hamburger)
赤い公園ドキュメンタリー映像「情熱公園」 (Akai Koen Documentary Film “Jounetsu Koen”)


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