Akai Koen to Release New Single “journey”

Earlier this year, Akai Koen announced that they would release new singles in February, April, and June of this year. “Yamiyo ni Chochin” was February’s single, followed by “Koi to Uso” in April. This month’s single is titled “journey” and it’s set for release on the 21st.

In releated news, Akai Koen will release their new album “Nessho Summer” on August 23.

Check out more information on Akai Koen’s new single below!

1. journey
2. いっちょまえ (Icchomae)

Limited Edition DVD
1. 「赤い公園マンマンツアー2016~咲き乱れNight?~」ライブ映像 (“Akai Koen One Man Tour 2016 ~Sakimidare Night?~” Live Film)
・黄色い花 (Kiiroi Hana)
・おやすみ (Oyasumi)
・デイドリーム (Daydream)
2. 赤い公園ドキュメンタリー映像「情熱公園」 (Akai Koen Documentary Film “Jounetsu Koen”)


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