Ai Otsuka to Release New Album

On April 22, Ai Otsuka is set to release her 7th studio album, “LOVE TRiCKY.” The album will consist of 10 songs and will be released in 2 editions. Ai collaborated with Abe Noboru of famed electronic duo STUDIO APARTMENT on this release. The album’s 6th track, “reach for the mooon”, was the CM for Eyeful Home. The album’s closing track, “end and and ~10,000 hearts~”, is the campaign song for telecommunication company NTT West’s Smart Hikari Heart Beat Project. Ai was named ambassador for this project this past June. The song features 10,000 heartbeats that were collected this past October via a mobile app / t-shirt combination. Check out the covers and tracklist for the album after the jump as well as clips of “reach for the moon” and “end and and ~10,000 hearts~!”

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



1. タイムマシーン (Time Machine)

2. laugh

3. summer lovely days

4. affair

5. I’m lonely

6. reach for the moon

7. shooting star

8. パラレルワールド (Parallel World)

9. busy lady

10. end and and ~10,000 hearts~


Limited Edition DVD

1. LOVE TRiCKY -Music Clips-

2. from LOVE IS BORN ~11th Anniversary 2014~ 2014.9.22 ビルボードライブ東京 (Billboard Live Tokyo)

1.  トイレットペーパーブルース (Toilet Paper Blues)

2.  One×Time


4. シヤチハタ (Shachihata)

5. 東京ミッドナイト (Tokyo Midnight)

3. TBA


reach for the moon clip:


end and and ~10,000 hearts~ clip: