ACO to Release New Album in Celebration of Her 20th Anniversary

On December 16, ACO will release her new album, “Valentine.” This is her first release since the dual release of the studio album “TRAD” and the live album “LIVE LUCK” in November 2013. ACO is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut. ACO’s backing band for the album consists of bassist Nakao Kentaro (Crypt City / younGSounds / SEAGULL SCREAMING KISS HER KISS HER), guitarist Iwatani Keishiro, drummer Kashikura Takashi (toe), and keyboardist Tsukamoto Ryo. Shigeru Kishida (Quruli), JJJ (Fla$hBackS), and Yamamoto Akira (Nabowa) are also involved with “Valentine.”

Check out the album’s cover and tracklist after the jump!

1. Sweet Honey
2. Mary Jane
3. Teenage Blues
4. Take Me Home
5. Valentine
6. Say Goodbye
7. 鳥になった男 (Tori ni Natta Otoko)
8. Diamond
9. Save My Life
10. 未成年 (Miseinen)