New gender-free icon “Pee” announces official entertainment debut

Shop staff at clothing store W❤︎C on Takeshita-dori in Harajuku who boasts a charismatic popularity among the youth of Japan, “Pee” (pronounced like the English word “pay”) updated their SNS on the 20th and announced that they are now affiliated with the talent agency TWIN PLANET. Up until now, Pee had been working freelance, but is planning to now start their official activities in the entertainment industry under their new agency.

Pee, copyright modelpress

Pee, copyright modelpress

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Everybody is talking about eccentric “new icon” and their relation with Matsuko Deluxe

Pee’s uniqueness, gender-/age-ambiguous look, and free-spirited personality is gradually becoming a hot topic as a new icon of the youth.

Current hit variety show that digs deep into unknown shops and restaurants, “Matsuko Kaigi” (lit. Matsuko Meeting; broadcasted on Nippon Terebi, every Saturday from 11:00PM JST), interviewed Pee last December in its Harajuku feature episode, and Pee talked live with Matsuko Deluxe.

A purple, mushroom-style hair-cut, and a bold fashion sense based on vivid colors. With slender legs and a heavily painted-on make-up… once you see them, they’ll definitely leave a lasting impression. Their unforgettable and eccentric character garnered the attention of many, and was later chosen to appear in a segment of the video, “Charisma shop staff choose the ‘Top of Charisma’ in Harajuku,” which was uploaded onto the show’s official home page.

Additionally, Pee has also appeared on news program, “ZIP,” (Nippon Terebi, ever Monday through Friday from 5:50AM JST), special “Celebrity set-backs big data ~Questions from the world thrown at the problems themselves, learn from my confessions special~”  (Fuji terebi, broadcast December 2015), as well as others. Last month, they expressed their wishes to continue on into the entertainment industry as a variety talento during the modelpress interview.

Pee, copyright modelpress

Pee, copyright modelpress

Pee, copyright modelpress

Pee, copyright modelpress

Shouts of support from their fans

Pee declared on their SNS, “I’m now under TWIN PLANET management and will start my official pursuit in the entertainment industry!” and reached out to their fans, “I’m going to need everybody’s support more than ever. I hope I can count on all of you!”

Pee received many warm and encouraging comments from fans, such as “Congratulations, Pee-kun!” “I’ll cheer you on even more than before” “I really hope more people will find out about you!”

Pee’s profile

Started working at W❤︎C Harajuku Takeshita-dori last April,  and has since rocketed as a “charisma staff.” Gender and age not revealed. (via modelpress

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