Yuko Oshima reveals new photo from new photobook

Edit: All images associated with this post have been removed by request.

Yuko Oshima (25) has finally unveiled the cover to her first photobook since leaving AKB48, and it’s causing a bit of a stir between fans and detractors alike. Titled Nugiyagare! or “Take it the hell off!” by Yasushi Akimoto (56) himself and photographed in Ibiza by Mika Ninagawa (41), who directed the group’s infamous Oshima-centered “Heavy Rotation” PV in 2010, its racy concept has some wondering if this is the right move for the lovable idol’s debut solo endeavor.

The cover features Oshima standing half-submerged in water and laughing. Oshima has often talked about her lack of opposition to baring all in the past, citing “growing up among male siblings” and nakedness being “the original natural state of humans” as her reasons. While the photoshoot may have been a breeze for her, though, netizens have reacted differently, with fans feeling it was something they “didn’t ask for” and others criticizing her “vulgar” post-graduation path.

Anonymous women’s gossip board Girls Channel spared no mercy:

Anonymous 2014/08/28 (Thurs.) 23:00:23
PrettyThe sea, I mean
Anonymous 2014/08/28 (Thurs.) 23:00:39
That’s enough, now put it the hell back on
Anonymous 2014/08/28 (Thurs.) 23:00:54
There’s nothing sexy about this!
Anonymous 2014/08/28 (Thurs.) 23:01:14
Her boobs are smaller than I thought.
I wonder if she stuffed her bras?
Anonymous 2014/08/28 (Thurs.) 23:01:19
It won’t sell if they don’t put pictures like this in, huh

Given Oshima’s stated goal to become an actress (her first major post-AKB48 role will be Kami no Tsuki in November), it seems like a strange route to take for sure. However, speaking with Nikkan Cyzo, an unnamed entertainment writer source remarked, “It’s possible that Oshima could be angling for the ‘nude idol appeal’ with this photobook as a way of showing how far she’s willing to go in a role.” Nonetheless, as other Girls Channel commenters pointed out, AKB48 members do have a tendency to strip down no matter what else they pursue, and Akimoto’s role in the provocative title choice doesn’t give our minds much room for ease either.

Nugiyagare! will be released on September 18th.