Ever had a conversation with a celebrity?

A recent thread on Girls Channel is amassing quite a few adorable stories about the chats people have when they run into celebrities completely by accident.

Check ’em out beneath the cut!

Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 18:35:42
“Do you have a _____ card?”
Ken Hirai: “No (smiles)”
“Here’s ____ in change.”
Ken Hirai: “Thank you (smiles)”
It gave me SUCH a good impression of him, he was so cool……
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 19:04:12
I met Koda Kumi at Disneyland. I had no idea and no one around her realized who she was either!
When she was looking at souvenirs I called out to her quietly and she said “Thank you” with a smile and then gave me a friendly handshake☆
She also told my 2-year-old daughter not to catch a cold.
There are a lot of people who flame/hate her but she had a really amazing smile. And she’s muscular but really thin!
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 19:04:12
I’ve been a passionate GLAY fan for years (I still love them) so when I ran into them at the airport after a concert I thought I was gonna die.
I hesitated on calling out to them since I was worried about being a bother, but I had concert goods on me like a towel and a key-holder so it was pretty easy to tell that I was a fan LOL
I was quietly watching them from afar and when they left the place, TERU did a quick bow towards me and I almost cried (;_;)
Now I have a kid so I can’t go to their concerts, but I want to support them forever and ever.
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 19:04:12
I’m relieved that [you all only met] nice people
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 19:44:02
Yukie Nakama filmed a drama where I work.
Since I had the opportunity to speak with her, I said I was rooting for her and she said, “Thank you for the support. Sorry we’re intruding on your work. But thanks to you, [the drama] will be wonderful”
She was really beautiful.
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 19:55:43
I saw her in Omotesando and since I’m a big fan I came running over, but JUJU told me, “No need to hurry so much, I’m wearing high heels so I can’t run, it’s okay!” After that when I told her my favorite song was Natsu no Hana (Summer Flower) she said, “Ohh, thank you, even though it’s winter!” She seemed so nice and she shook hands with me too, it made me even more of a fan!
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 20:41:45
Yasuda from Kanjani.
It’s been 6 years already, but it was in an underwear store in Harajuku (underwear for men with designs on it).
My friends work there, and when I went to visit them Yasuda was there to shop.
At the time all I knew about him was that he was some dude in Johnny’s, so I didn’t say anything to him, but when I was looking at the underwear in the shop too he said something like
“Getting a present for your boyfriend?”
I said “Yeah” back and he was like
“Wow, I’m jealous”
“No don’t be! You probably get a lot of them”
“We’ve got a tour, so I came to buy some in bulk”
The way he dressed REALLY stood out lol
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 22:39:50
When I was getting off a plane, I was walking in between the seats when someone said, “You dropped your handkerchief!”
Even though she was in the window seat, she leaned over into the aisle and picked it up.I said thank you, and when I saw her face
it was Yuko Nakazawa!
Then I whipped around
and the entire golden age Morning Musume was there!
I was so surprised.
Anonymous 2014/06/29(日) 23:14:40
I met Ringo Shiina in Shibuya!
I was like, “Wow, that lady is so big-breasted and slim like a model.” I was so surprised that she was the real-deal Ringo Shiina. She shook hands with me and was nice and friendly

Have you ever met a Japanese celebrity in person? If you did, what did you say to them between all the shaking and crying?