Nanao reveals “full nude” onsen bath shot, fans raving

Model and actress, Nanao, posted a nude photo of herself soaking in an onsen bath from behind on her Instagram on the 18th. She playfully tagged the photo with “I’m pretending this is a good photo, I’m pretending that bowl is hiding it, it’s not hiding it,” but fans flooded the comments in response to the risqué photo. See the full details below!

Nanao onsen bath photo

Nanao posts beautiful shots from her onsen trip

On the 17th, Nanao commented that she took a “whirlwind trip with her mother and grandmother,” and posted pictures of herself in a yukata and of an open-air onsen bath. While in the midst of a busy schedule, fans saw that she was glowing from her quick trip with her family. Seemingly satisfied, she wrote “I want to go to an onsen again!”

Nanao open air onsen bath

Nanao onsen trip Feb 17 2016

Nanao’s risque nude shot welcomed by fan’s raving comments

Writing that the risqué photo was taken by her mother, comments from fans rolled in, including, “beautiful!” “wonderful” “cute!!” “Lady Nanao… you are too sexy” “Ah, nosebleed-” “It’s like you’ve surpassed erotic and it’s just  work of art” “Is it okay for you to post this kind of service shot?! Thanks!” “The lighting is so good! You’re really beautiful” “I want to go to the same onsen,” and more. (via modelpress, @nanao_official )

Nanao onsen bath photo

 Nanao onsen trip Feb 18 2016