Namie Amuro to collaborate with h&m

Singer Namie Amuro will be collaborating with Swedish fast-fashion giant h&m to release a special clothing collection.

The campaign will simply be titled “Namie Amuro X h&m”, and will feature a large variety of clothes perfect for the upcoming Summer weather. Tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets will all be included in the collection.

Design for the collection has been described as feminine and sophisticated. Refreshing prints reminiscent of a “blue sky”, stripes, and colorful floral prints are said to dominate the collection. Amuro’s collaboration will only feature women’s clothes.

h&m apparently continued to send enthusiastic love calls towards the diva, until her team finally worked upon an agreement.

In a press release h&m stated that they are fascinated by Amuro, not only is she a superstar but she’s a big role model for women of a wide range of generations. She continues to be a powerful figure for independence, empowerment, and self-actualization. They better stan.

The entire collection will drop April 25th online and in stores, and in usual h&m fashion the clothes will be very reasonably priced.

The price range for t-shirts will be 1,299 yen, bottoms 1,299 – 5,999 yen, and dresses 2,999 – 3,999 yen. With Amuro’s retirement only a short 5 months away the collection will no doubt be a top seller for the brand.