Namie Amuro is ready to leave her 22 year “Slave Contract”

According to Shukan Bunshun (via One Hallyu) pop diva Namie Amuro is  exiting the contract with Rising Pro Inc agency that she’s been under for the last 22 years!

The president of Rising Pro, Tetsuo Taira, took note of Amuro’s talent two decades ago, when she was just a girl, and became a mentor and guardian figure to her. Perhaps due to this strong connection, Amuro took her grievances straight to Taira, saying “I’d like to become independent.” “At this rate, this has become a slave contract”. The company has released the following statementon the matter:

In May of this year, Namie went before several executives and the President and abruptly announced that she wanted her independence. Her intentions became clear when she later came to the office with a tax accountant and talked about changes in the terms and conditions of her contract, drafting a written proposal. The proposal listed that the contract between Namie and the managment agency Rising would come to an end at once, and that the new company Namie creates and her current one changes the remaining contract time and signs a new contract, the percentange of the distribution of royalties and rewards would be raised, and that her new company would possess part of the original recording rights.

Lawyers are currently discussing the matter, and Amuro’s attorney has declined to comment on the matter.

From the information we have so far, it seems like Namie wants to be a free agent, perhaps independently managing her own matters with more control over her releases. Not a totally surprising move from the (*ahem*) WILD child comeback queen.

Is this a good idea for her career? Discuss in the comments.