Yasuda Rei Releases New Album “PRISM”

On February 3, Yasuda Rei releases her second album, “PRISM.” It will include the singles “Koi Uta”, “Tweedia”, and “Ashitairo.” It will come come in a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD only Regular Edition. Check out the album’s covers, tracklist, and sampler after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. Just for you
2. 恋詩 (Koi Uta)
3. あしたいろ (Ashitairo)
4. Tweedia
5. You’re the one
6. sweet home
7. Lots of Love
8. Mirror acoustic ver
9. シグナル (Signal)
10. Supercar
11. My way, My life
12. キラメキmoonlight (Kirameki moonlight)
13. 1AM
14. あしたいろ (Ashitairo) acoustic ver

1. 恋詩 (Koi Uta) (Video Clip)
2. Tweedia (Video Clip)
3. あしたいろ (Ashitairo) (Video Clip)
4. Just for you (Video Clip)
5. Behind the scenes of “PRISM” Photo Session