Watch Aina the End’s new MV for “Dare Dare Dare”

BiSH member Aina the End has released an MV for her latest digital single “Dare Dare Dare” (Who are you?). It is currently serving as the theme song for the TV Tokyo drama series “Anonymous: Keishicho ”Yubisatsujin” Taisakushitsu”. This has been a busy month for Aina, as her debut album “THE END” just came out on February 3rd.

The MV for “Dare Dare Dare” was directed by Kento Yamada, who has worked with BiSH in the past. Aina praised Kento’s “dedicated passion”, thanking him for working with her again. The MV begins with a bunch of mysterious hooded people surrounding her, Aina soon then descends into madness. Check out the MV below!

“Dare Dare Dare” is currently available worldwide for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.