Seiko Matsuda Thanks Fans for Her 40 Year Career with New Song “Kaze ni Mukau Ichirin no Hana”

Seiko Matsuda is currently celebrating her 40th anniversary! On September 9, she’ll release a new self-penned digital single, “Kaze ni Mukau Ichirin no Hana.” The song sees her reuniting with Zaitsu Kazuo, the composer of her songs such as “Shiroi Parasol” and “Cherry Blossom”, after 37 years. The last song he composed for her was “Chiisa na Love Song”, from her 1983 album “Utopia.”

“Kaze ni Mukau Ichirin no Hana” is an expression of gratitude to Seiko’s fans for following her over the course of the past 40 years, as well as a promise to keep going. Seiko has released the music video for the song, which can be seen below!

“Kaze ni Mukau Ichirin no Hana” will be included on Seiko’s new 40th anniversary album, “SEIKO MATSUDA 2020”, out September 30. The album will largely consist of Seiko’s representative songs, but with new arrangements and vocals, along with some new songs. Check out more information on the album below!

Kaze ni Mukau Ichirin no Hana



Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Universal Music Store Edition

  1. 瑠璃色の地球 2020 (Ruriiro no Chikyuu 2020)
  2. セイシェルの夕陽~40th Anniversary~ (Seychelles no Yuuhi~40th Anniversary~)
  3. 赤いスイートピー English Version (Akai Sweet Pea English Version)
  5. いちご畑でFUN×4 (Ichigo Hatake de FUN×4)
  6. 風に向かう一輪の花 (Kaze ni Mukau Ichirin no Hana)
  7. La La!! 明日に向かって (La La!! Ashita ni Mukatte)
  8. 40th Party
  9. そよ風吹いたら~I can hear the sound of the waves~ (Soyokaze Fuitara~I can hear the sound of the waves~)
  10. 赤いバラ手に抱え (Akai Bara Te ni Kakae)
  11. 瑠璃色の地球 2020 Piano Version (Ruriiro no Chikyuu 2020 Piano Version) (Universal Music Store Edition bonus track)