Seiko Matsuda Continues Her 40th Anniversary with New Album

Seiko Matsuda is not letting her 40th anniversary end! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she is continuing to be in anniversary mode, deciding to release the new album “SEIKO MATSUDA 2021” on October 20. This album serves as a sequel to her previous album, “SEIKO MATSUDA 2020.” It will include the remake digital singles “Aoi Sangoshou ~Blue Lagoon~” and “Jikan no Kuni no Alice ~Alice in the world of time~.” In total, the album will feature five self-covers and five new songs.

“SEIKO MATSUDA 2021” will come in three editions: CD+DVD limited edition, CD only regular edition, and an UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE edition. The DVD that comes with the limited edition and the Blu-ray that comes with the UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE edition features music videos and other special content. The UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE edition also comes in a special box which includes both “SEIKO MATSUDA 2020” and “SEIKO MATSUDA 2021” on vinyl, a poster, and a LP-sized booklet.

In tandem with the album release, Seiko has released the music video for one of the new songs on the album, “Watashi no Ai.” It was written and composed by Zaitsu Kazuo. He has previously collaborated with Seiko on the songs “Cherry Blosssom”, “Natsu no Tobira”, “Shiroi Parasol”, and “Nobara no Etude.” The song is a means of Seiko conveying her feelings to her fans. She hopes that once the pandemic is over, she and her fans can reunite at concerts to sing the song together. Check out the video, which was directed by Seiko, below!

Limited Edition

松田聖子「SEIKO MATSUDA 2021」初回限定盤ジャケット

Regular Edition

松田聖子「SEIKO MATSUDA 2021」通常盤ジャケット


Seiko Matsuda "SEIKO MATSUDA 2021" Luxury, Limited Edition Box Set Jacket


1. 青い珊瑚礁 ~Blue Lagoon~ (Aoi Sangoshou ~Blue Lagoon~)
2. 時間の国のアリス ~Alice in the world of time~ (Jikan no Kuni no Alice ~Alice in the world of time~)
3. 瞳はダイアモンド ~Diamond Eyes~ (Hitomi wa Diamond ~Diamond Eyes~)
4. チェリーブラッサム2021
5. 時間旅行 ~I still miss you~ (Jikan Ryoko ~I still miss you~)
6. Rendezvous
7. My shining days
8. You’re the one!!
9. あの日の夜の冷たい雨 (Ano Hi no Yoru no Tsumetai Ame)
10. 私の愛 (Watashi no Ai)


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