Perfume Releases PV for “Pick Me Up”

On April 29, Perfume is set to release their new single, “Relax In The City / Pick Me Up.” Today, the group released the music video for the single’s second A-side. “Pick Me Up” is part of Perfume’s collaboration with the department store Isetan. This collaboration revolves around the concept of “digital x fashion x sound.” In the video, the ladies wear outfits designed by emerging Japanese designers chosen by Isetan as part of its “JAPAN NEW POWER” initiative. The outfits will be on display in Isetan’s Shinjuku flagship store from April 1 – 14. These outfits are also available for purchase. Also available for purchase are a pair of high heels that Perfume collaborated with Isetan on. These shoes are specially designed to be danced in. They go on sale April 1.

Perfume also recently released a video trailer that goes into further detail about the Relax Room Edition of their new single. You can see that video along with the music video after the jump!

“Pick Me Up” PV:


Relax Room Edition teaser: