Mr.Children unveil touching and powerful PV for “Ashioto ~Be Strong”

As we reported previously, famous pop-rock band Mr.Children will be releasing their first physical single in over 2-and-a-half years in a couple of weeks on November 19th.  Now the band have published the music video for the lead track of this release, “Ashioto ~Be Strong” to their official Youtube channel.

The PV focuses on the journey a father and his daughter are taking through a wasteland of some sort and the father’s struggles to bring the girl back to her mother.  This emotional experience is the result of Mr.Children’s first collaboration with up-and-coming director Kosai Sekine, known for working with Tamio Okuda and electronic artist Jemapur in the past.

If you want to know how the story ends, be sure to take a look at the music video for “Ashioto ~Be Strong” right after the jump.

(via natalie)