MONDO GROSSO Joined by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hikari Mitsushima, and UA for “IN THIS WORLD”

On February 9, MONDO GROSSO will release his new album, “BIG WORLD.” This album is self-titled in a way, with “MONDO GROSSO” meaning “BIG WORLD” in Italian. The album’s concept is a musical journey that searches for heart in a world that has changed and is continuing to change.

The album will feature an array of collaborators, including Mika Nakashima, Seiko Oomori, CHAI, Awesome City Club‘s PORIN, and Nogizaka46‘s Asuka Saito.

Ahead of the release of “BIG WORLD”, the music video for the song “IN THIS WORLD” has been released. The song features Hikari Mitsushima on vocals and Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano. UA wrote the song’s lyrics. Hikari previously worked with MONDO GROSSO on the viral hit “Labyrinth” from his 2017 album “Nandodemo Atarashiku Umareru.” The music video for “Labyrinth” has been viewed over 30 million times on YouTube.

Check out the music video for “IN THIS WORLD”, which features Hikari performing choreography created by s**t kingz‘s NOPPO, below!


Composition: Shinichi Osawa

2. IN THIS WORLD [Vocal : 満島ひかり] (IN THIS WORLD [Vocal : Hikari Mitsushima])
Lyrics: UA / Composition: Shinichi Osawa

3. FORGOTTEN [Vocal : ermhoi (Black Boboi, millennium parade)]
Lyrics: Shinichi Osawa, RHYME / Composition: Shinichi Osawa, RHYME, Kei Owada,

4. B.S.M.F [Vocal : どんぐりず] (B.S.M.F [Vocal :DONGURIZU])
Lyrics: DONGURIZU / Composition: Shinichi Osawa

5. OH NO! [Vocal : CHAI]
Lyrics: YUUKI (CHAI) / Composition: Shinichi Osawa, MANA (CHAI), KANA (CHAI)

6. 最後の心臓 [Vocal : suis (ヨルシカ)] (Saigo no Shinzo [Vocal : suis (Yorushika)])
Lyrics: Kei Owada / Composition: Shinichi Osawa, Kei Owada

7. STRANGER [Vocal:齋藤飛鳥 (乃木坂46)] (STRANGER [Vocal:Asuka Saito (Nogizaka46)])
Lyrics & Composition: Shinichi Osawa

8. 迷い人 [Vocal : 中納良恵 (EGO-WRAPPIN’)] (Mayoi Hito [Vocal : Yoshie Nakano (EGO-WRAPPIN’)])
Lyrics: Yoshie Nakano (EGO-WRAPPIN’) / Composition: Shinichi Osawa, Yoshihiko Ishizaka, Kei Owada

9. 幻想のリフレクション [Vocal : 田島貴男 (Original Love)] (Genso no Reflection [Vocal : Takao Tajima (Original Love)])
Lyrics & Composition: Shinichi Osawa

10. CRYPT [Vocal : PORIN (Awesome City Club)]
Lyrics: Kei Owada, Shinichi Osawa / Composition: Shinichi Osawa

11. OVERFLOWING [Vocal : 中島美嘉] (OVERFLOWING [Vocal : Mika Nakashima])
Lyrics:, Seiko Oomori, Shinichi Osawa / Composition: Shinichi Osawa

12. BIG WORLD [Vocal : RHYME]
Lyrics & Composition: Shinichi Osawa, RHYME

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