KOHH Releases PV for “Real Love”

Last month, rapper KOHH released his second album “Kuchinashi Ko.” He has now released a music video the album’s 7th track, “Real Love.” The song and video are similar to that of KOHH’s last video “Where You At.” Both songs show a more mellow side of KOHH and both videos use a sort of green screen effect throughout the video. KOHH has been getting a bit of attention as of late in Western hip hop circles. A Vine¬†of part of his rap in the video for “HIROI SEKAI” is at nearly 3 million loops in the past 2 weeks. Because of this he has been uploading a number of English subbed videos for his songs, the 2 most recent being “Hikoki” and “Binbo nante Kinishinai.” Check out all 3 of these videos after the jump!

Real Love


Hikoki (English subbed)


Binbo nante Kinishinai (English subbed)