KEN THE 390 to Release New EP “Faces”

On October 11, KEN THE 390 will release a new EP, “Faces. ” The seven-track EP will feature production by a different producer on each track, in an effort to show different “faces.” These producers include the likes of DJ WATARAI and DJ JIN of RHYMESTER. Check out more information on this release and its accompanying music videos below!

  1. All I Do Is…
  2. 深海魚 feat. HISATOMI (Shinkaigyo feat. HISATOMI)
  3. Knock Down feat. TARO SOUL,DEJI
  4. My Side
  5. Get Better
  6. My Promise feat. KOPERU,DOTAMA,peko,YURIKA,裂固 (My Promise feat. KOPERU,DOTAMA,peko,YURIKA,Rekko)
  7. Shangri La La feat. GROOVE ASYLUM