Journey into Sight and Sound with Tentenko’s ‘Hokago Sympathy’ PV

More ex members of BiS are rolling out new releases; this time Tentenko with the PV for new single, ‘Hokago Sympathy‘. Know for her work of combining  unconventional sounds to make music, Tentenko uses them and other methods to achieve a track with a retro feel. Unlike her previous album she released, she sings on the lead single. One the visual end of things the PV director, cartoonist/illustrator  Nagao Kenichiro, uses a mixture of illustrations, vintage photos and blue screen techniques to continue the unique indie feel that Tentenko is known for. Take a look at the video and learn more about the release!


Houkago Sympathy

Digital Single – Hokago Sympathy

  1. Hokago Sympathy
  2. WA・Shoi!

Hokago Sympathy was released 8.31 under Toy’s Factory.

via IdolScheduler