INABA / SALAS put on a light show in PV for “AISHI-AISARE”

Late last year we reported that Koshi Inaba and Stevie Salas would be releasing a special collaboration album titled “CHUBBY GROOVE” on January 18th.  Now the duo have made the music video for one of the record’s lead tracks, “AISHI-AISARE”, available on their Youtube channel.

The PV focuses on a performance of the track in front of a screen that produces a sundry of different light-based effects, a trio of dancers hard at work in the center of the band’s formation.  In addition, they have also uploaded short previews for album tracks “Kunou no Hate no Sore mo Kotae no Hitotsu” and “TROPHY”, each featuring footage from various parts of the release’s recording process.

You’ll find both the PV for “AISHI-AISARE” and these previews just beneath the cut.