Ikimonogakari unveil Cute and Incredibly Fun Music Video for “GOLDEN GIRL”

Well-known pop-rock group Ikimonogakari recently decided to reveal the full PV for their upcoming single ‘GOLDEN GIRL’, which is set to release on November 12th.  The absolutely adorable music video finds the band’s vocalist Kiyoe dressed up as several different professions, such as an office-worker and a teacher, her time as each persona ending in a synchronized dance with the other girls in the scene.

‘GOLDEN GIRL’ is being used as the theme song for the TBS drama ‘Onna wa Sore wo Yurusanai’, which stars Fukada Kyoko and Terajima Shinobu.  The coupling track for the single will be Ikimonogakari’s cover of DREAMS COME TRUE’s ‘Mirai Yosouzu II’, which they recorded earlier this year.

Check out the PV for ‘GOLDEN GIRL’ right after the jump and look forward to the band’s future releases!


(via natalie)