Hoshino Gen Spins for Love in “Koi” PV

On October 5, Hoshino Gen will release his new single, “Koi.” The song serves as the theme song for his new TBS drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”, which starts next month. Today, Gen released the song’s music video. The video takes place on a giant turntable. He is backed by a band in the video which includes Nagaoka Ryosuke of Petrolz on guitar, Hama Okamoto of OKAMOTO’S on bass, and Kawamura “Kasuke” Tomoyasu on drums. But in addition to the band, there is also dancing, performed by Gen and members of ELEVENPLAY, who appeared on his recent tour, “YELLOW VOYAGE.” The dancing in the video was choreographed by MIKIKO, the group’s leader, who also does choreography for Perfume and BABYMETAL, Gen’s colleagues at Amuse. Check out the video below!